Friday, November 21, 2008


While most eyes are on the battles for positions in Umno, its Youth and Womens wings, a hot contest is taking shape in the Puteri Umno movement.

The movements president post, vacant as incumbent Datuk Noraini Ahmad, who is Deputy Human Resources Minister, has passed the age limit of 40, is being contested by five candidates, each with their own style and charm.

One of them, 37-year-old Datin Ismalina Ismail, seeks to bring changes so that the movement can play a more prominent role in Umno as well as in the country.

Ismalina juggles her time between taking care of three kids, a busy husband, political work and pursuing her Masters in counselling at Universiti Malaya.

Why are you contesting?

I feel I am capable of handling the heavy responsibility with my vast experience in the movement, having risen through the ranks. At the same time, the movement's members have been encouraging me to seriously take up the position after being involved in Puteri for seven years. Their encouragement has given me the confidence to pursue this.

What if you lose?

I believe in Allahs work ... fate ... for whatever I have achieved so far in life have always been with Allahs blessings. I never set high targets but Allah has made me who I am today, and given me what I have today.

I dont think of losing or winning as I believe in putting an honest and sincere effort in whatever I do and let Allah do the rest.

Is it not a heavy responsibility to lead the movement at 37?

The age limit for the post is 40 and after that, one can no longer lead the movement. I feel that I am at an age where I am matured and wise, and I have my experience with Puteri to help me lead the 300,000-odd members should I win.

What is your campaign line?

I want to create a crop of balanced leaders in line with todays computer age. To prepare the movements members to face the reality of life and politics in this country and be able to be accepted by the younger generation and the young voters. I hope to enhance Puteris involvement in the decision-making process of the party vis-a-vis the government, and this will hopefully get the younger generation to recognise and acknowledge us, trust us and give their confidence and support to us as part of the ruling government.

How do you plan to go about doing it?

I am very much into human capital development. With my educational background (she has a degree in Economics and a Masters in Business Administration), and what I intend to do now is to create a movement with members who will become masters in the human capital development field, which the government is pushing hard for.

(Sumber : 5 Minute Interview Datin Ismalina Ismail, 29/10/2008 -

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